Early Bird Sprinkling, Landscaping, Grading, and Hydroseeding

Early Bird LandscapingEarly Bird is East Idaho’s premier solution based landscaping company with over 35 years experience in business. Early Bird is one of those rare combinations of landscape specialists whose competitive prices do not take away from the company’s high quality work or full menu of mastered techniques.

Early Bird’s experience means never sticking with one technique for all clients. Early Bird has boundless expertise and a long memory full of requests, issues and resolutions. Tailoring each project to a client by relying on our storehouse of experience gives Early Bird unwavering confidence high quality work can be delivered with both consistency and competitive prices.

Beyond Early Bird’s invaluable 35 years of experience, what approaches delineate our solution based landscaping company philosophy? Early Bird identifies 7 main techniques and excels in each area. Early Bird applies these techniques to grand scale commercial spaces, projects confined to a small piece of a residential lawn, and projects on scales somewhere in-between.

Sprinkler Repair Technique
Early Bird’s sprinkler repair philosophy is simple: from regular maintenance to emergencies, they do it all.