• Rough and Fine Grading by actual hours worked.
  • Trained and experienced tractor operators to provide quality work with minimal billing hours.
  • Tractor attachment specifically made for lawn seed bed preparation.
  • Experienced hand labor to grade those areas not able to be worked by the tractor.
  • Quality topsoil with minimal if any rock or plant matter.
  • Fast response to provide topsoil as quickly as project necessitates.
  • Accurate Estimates of topsoil needs based on natural soil conditions.
  • Affordable rates for small or large project needs.


Grading in Rigby


When it’s grading services that are needed in the Eastern Idaho region, there’s no better company for the job than Early Bird. In business for over 35 years, they offer grading in Rigby as well as grading in Rexburg and other nearby areas. What started as a dream for a family-owned business has over the years turned into one of Idaho’s most successful landscaping companies. As many customers have attested, Early Bird is the company with the knowledge, experience and commitment to get the job done right the first time. At Early Bird the customer comes first, each and every time. Offering many services including hydroseeding, sprinkler repair and lawn maintenance it’s their grading services that have made Early Bird stand out from the competition. Using tractor operators that have been Grading Land Idaho Fallstrained on the latest techniques, these experienced employees make sure they provide quality grading in Rigby and grading in Rexburg and Idaho Falls in the most efficient manner possible, making sure their customers are billed for as few hours as possible. Basing their jobs on the actual hours worked, Early Bird offers Rough and Fine grading to its customers, making it the place to turn for virtually any job. If it’s lawn seed bed preparation that’s needed, Early Bird has the manpower and equipment needed to complete the job in a fast and friendly fashion. Using a tractor attachment made specifically for lawn seed bed preparation, Early Bird is able to properly prepare the surface for seeding. For those areas that a tractor cannot reach, it’s no problem for the staff at Early Bird. In those instances, experienced personnel handle the job themselves, grading the surface by hand to make sure everything meets the customer’s specifications.


Idaho Falls Topsoil


As experienced gardeners know, healthy plants depend on healthy topsoil. Early Bird, the garden supply company of East Idaho, also understands the importance of good topsoil. Topsoil, as its name suggests, is soil that’s taken from the top layer of soil. However, not all topsoil in Rigby is alike. Some providers simply scrape some shovelfuls of soil from someone’s yard, bag it and sell it as topsoil. When the gardener opens up the bag and sees that the soil is black and somewhat damp, he or she assumes that it’s good for growing plants. But this isn’t always true. Early Bird knows that the quality of topsoil is determined by the consistency and the size of the particles that make it up and how much organic matter the soil contains. Topsoil can be more clay, which usually means that it holds on to water, Topsoil Idaho Fallsdrains poorly and cracks when the weather warms and dries it out. Sandy topsoil generally drains better, but if it drains too quickly it will also take away the nutrients that the plants need to grow. The best topsoil is loamy, which means it’s more sandy than clay and is abundant in organic materials. Organic materials in topsoil in Rexburg, Rigby, Idaho Falls and surrounding areas will not only feed Topsoil Idaho Fallsthe plants but will feed the soil itself. Rotted manure helps bind the larger particles that make up sandy soil and keep them from losing water too quickly. At the same time, rotted manure divides the smaller particles of clay and prevents them from sticking. The bacteria in the manure stimulates the topsoil to support the growth of plants and the spaces in the manure helps get air into the soil. Because of this, the topsoil that a customer buys from Early Bird is crumbly as opposed to sticky, spongy, dusty or too wet. It’s dark and has a sweet smell. Another property of topsoil in East Idaho is its pH. This is a measure of its acidity or alkalinity. Good topsoil has a pH of between 5.8 to 6.7 because this is the pH most plants prefer. Chalky topsoil is alkaline while peaty soil is acidic. Amendments can be added to these soils to bring them back to the ideal pH. Early Bird sells only the best topsoil in Idaho Falls, the best topsoil in Rigby and the best topsoil in Rexburg. They make sure that their topsoil is the right pH, is full of organic material and is just the right consistency. Gardeners and property owners in East Idaho who have been frustrated by the poor quality of the soil in their lawn should turn to Early Bird for rich, fertile topsoil.

If you need grading or topsoil in East Idaho, giving the folks at Early Bird a call can be the best decision a customer can make. With over 35 years of experience and a wonderful staff, Early Bird can meet the needs of virtually any job asked of them.  Contact them today.