• Proprietary seed mix with 95% Kentucky Bluegrass. (half the ryegrass as many of our competitors).
  • Extensive training about care for your new lawn.
  • Aggressive prices for all project sizes.

Hydroseed Idaho FallsHydroseeding in Rigby, Rexburg, Idaho Falls and the surround area is the process of mixing grass seed, water, and fertilizer together into a concoction that can easily be forced through a hose. A hose is then used to evenly apply the mixture across the area that needs to be seeded. The mixture will be stored in a tank until it needs to be applied. There are numerous different advantages that are associated with the process of hydroseeding in Idaho Falls.
Cost Effective:
For example, the most common reason why hydroseeding in Rexburg is used is because it produces incredible results for a greatly reduced price. The results that hydroseeding produces are comparable to sod, but the cost of said results is between 50% and 80% less. The reason for its low price is because it does not take a lot of materials, experience, or time to do. Hydroseeding will take about an hour and a half, while using traditional methods or applying sod will take much longer.

Increased Quality:
A lawn that is produced through hydroseeding in East Idaho is much greener and healthier than lawns that are seeded through the use of sod or hand seeding. They will also, as a result, last much longer than other lawns. This is because the roots of the seeds that are applied using hydroseeding tend to grow much deeper and will therefore have more access to groundwater and a stabler base that will allow them to grow to their full potential.

Early Bird are the experts in hydroseedBetter Coverage:
Another advantage is that the lawn that is produced through hydroseeding in Rexburg, Rigby, Idaho Falls, and the surrounding area will be much thicker than lawns seeded by other methods because of the better distribution of seeds. The even coverage will form a barrier that will keep the vulnerable seeds from being damaged. It is easy to use hydroseeding in Idaho Falls to cover areas that would otherwise be nearly impossible to cover because they are not even or oddly shaped.

Protects Against Erosion:
Because hydroseeded lawns have stronger roots and are designed to hold moisture, they will be much more likely to stop erosion. The dirt will not be as susceptible to the wind, rain, or sun because it will be held in place and protected by the roots and grass that is produced by hydroseeding in East Idaho.

Because the seeds are exposed to fertilizer early on in their development, they will be less susceptible to disease or other conditions that could cause the grass to die or otherwise become damaged. They will also be able to improve the overall pH level in the soil, which allows the grass to grow much more strongly.

Because of the many advantages of hydroseeding in Idaho Falls and all of East Idaho, it has become an increasingly common procedure that helps lawns to look their best.