Sprinkler Repair

  • With 35 years experience there is no sprinkler problem we cannot fix.
  • Reasonable hourly rates for services, with rate reductions for large repair projects.
  • Full Service Sprinkler Winterization and Spring Turn-on.
  • Fast Response to urgent problems.
  • After hour Emergency calls available.

Early Bird can repair all sprinklersFor sprinkler repair in Idaho Falls and the surrounding area, Early Bird is available for urgent problems and after hour emergency calls. After 35 years of dedicated service, Early Bird can assist with any and all sprinkler issues. Sprinklers can be a vital component to a beautiful yard. Without them, and depending upon how much rainfall occurs, a yard can suffer in health and growth. It is essential that a yard receive the right amount of water needed. This depends on the type of vegetation in the yard as well as the type of soil within a yard.

When sprinklers malfunction, greater issues than a dead lawn can be experienced though. For instance, flooding. As problematic as too little water can be, too much water can also be a problem. Some plants and trees can become waterlogged. Waterlogging causes oxygen depletion within the ground where roots are located, an increase in bacteria and a hastening of root growth. This, in turn, causes a plant to suffer growth. Waterlogging can be truly detrimental to plants. Additional issues can result from flooding. For instance, if a yard is higher up than a house, the direction of run-off can cause problems within the home.

In some instances of sprinkler problems, too much of the yard can be watered while other areas of the yard remain bone dry. This can result from improper water pressure and other issues. Plants do not only suffer growth when under-watered, but may die. For some plants, they can be costly to repair. In some cases, trees can suffer from various pests if under-watered. For large trees, this can become dangerous as any strong wind can cause them to topple over or they may catch fire for a variety of reasons.

Maintaining a yard can become tedious without the use of sprinklers. The same is experienced when sprinklers don’t function properly. For fast assistance, Early Bird is available to lend their expertise to any sprinkler issue. Since its inception, Early Bird has been available for sprinkler repair in Idaho Falls. Two brothers with dedication in customer service has made Early Bird a superb choice for both commercial and residential projects since 1976.

Early Bird is also available for full service sprinkler winterization and sprinkler turn-on in the spring. In addition, Early Bird can assist with all landscape needs. Providing only essential services aimed at smart solutions and excellent customer service, Early Bird provides highly competitive rates.