Sprinkler Systems

  • Thousands of sprinklers installed in our 35 years in business.
  • Well based sprinkler experts.
  • Professional equipment used for a high quality installation.
  • Competitive warranties.
  • Fast response with any follow up concerns or adjustments.
  • Laminated As-Built given as a permanent record of where sprinkler lines are run on the property.
  • Do-It Yourself options available for reduced rates.

Early Bird are the experts in Sprinkler SystemsA sprinkler system is practically a must-have addition to any home in a relatively dry region like southeast Idaho. Installing sprinklers doesn’t just provide extra water to the lawn and garden, it does it efficiently. Best of all, these systems automate the work, giving the homeowner more time for other things. The professionals at Early Bird can install home sprinkler systems efficiently and swiftly. When they install sprinkler systems, they do so using the finest and sturdiest professional equipment. If customers ever have any questions or issues regarding their sprinkler system installation, they can call the company immediately for additional assistance. Early Bird aims to address all problems rapidly and in a courteous manner. If customers need Early Bird to fix anything regarding their installation, Early Bird will do so promptly and with a smile. Importantly, they provide customers with top-notch warranties, and Do-It Yourself options for reduced rates.

sprinklers Idaho FallsThe Right Time
For most people, standing out in the yard holding a garden hose is not the best use of their time. Even if a typical yard sprinkler is used, there’s still the chores of having to move it from spot to spot while turning it off and on. Putting a system in place certainly eliminates this problem. What’s less appreciated is that it also reduces water usage. In a semi-arid location like southeastern Idaho, the dry air and hot summer sun combine to cause any water sprayed on the ground to evaporate before it can soak into the soil. With automation, sprinkler systems in Idaho Falls and adjacent areas can be operated at night when the homeowner is asleep. Under these circumstances, sprinkler systems in Rexburg provide water that works its way deep into the ground.

Getting Things Flowing
A sprinkler system itself consists of several basic components. Along with the water lines that are buried in the ground, there are usually two types of sprinkler heads. For lawns, the heads withdraw below ground level when inactive. Garden heads often remain above ground to keep plants or loose soil from covering them over. In addition, there is a control box near the water supply that contains the electronic controls and shut-off valves. For more effective water use, sophisticated sprinkler systems in Rigby and elsewhere include moisture monitors placed throughout the yard that help the controller determine the degree of watering for specific areas of the property.

Conserving Money
On top of water savings of sprinkler systems in Idaho Falls, there are other options Early Bird Landscaping provide to make it even more cost-efficient. Since lawn water doesn’t need to be potable, it can be supplied by a well. Another cost-saving option is letting the homeowner supply the labor as part of a professionally-guided do-it-yourself project. This can make sprinkler systems in Rigby more affordable. And of course, if there is a system already in place that just needs upgrading or repairs, they can handle that, too. Also, because the region has fairly fierce winters, any new or existing sprinkler systems in Rexburg or surrounding locales require proper winterization.